Establishment of the Sangh and its way of working.

          In order to avoid the down fall of joint family and the day by day deterioration of the social system, it has become necessary for every society to be alert and careful.  To arrest evil social tendencies and to encourage the sincere tendencies and to encourage the sincere social workers and to create a new cultural generation, it has become necessary to enlighten the society and to start a social revolution.  It has been decided to bring together the social Lewa Patil workers, working in different states and thereby to remove the wrong precedent prevailing in our society and to create a value-based society to serve the nation.  As a follow-up-action, under the auspics of Bhratrumandal, Pune, Lewa Patil society held a national conference of Lew Patil  social workers.  It was held on 27th  December 1997 in Pune.  A number of reputed persons from Maharastra State and from other states were present.  Their names are Hon. M.L.A. Eknathrao Khadse, Shri D. N. Chaudhari, Dr. Ram Kharche, Shri. Hiraman Bhau Kolhe, Dr. Ulhas Patil [Ex. M.P.], Shri. R. B. Paltil, Shri. Y. G. Mahajan [M.P.], Shri. Chandubhau Rane, Smt. Mangle Jangle, Smt. Shalinitai Chaudhari, Smt. Sheelatai Kharche-  all these social leaders discussed the various problems of Lewa Patils.  The out come of the prolonged discussion was to unite the Lewa Patils under one state level Mahasangh.  Hon. Madhavrao Chaudhari, Secretary, Mumbai and parisar Lewa Mandal was requested to prepare the constitution for the Mahasangh and he gladly did it within a sort span of time.  The Bhratrumandal held the first meeting of Mahasangh on 22nd and 23rd May 1999 in J. R. Patel Students Hostel in which nearly 80 representatives of Lewa Mitra Mandal and Bhratru Mandal from the state were present.  It was aimed to establish state level Social Organisation for achieving development of the society in the economics, social and educational field and to establish state level Lewa Patidar Mahasangh.

          In this conference a lot of discussion was held on the constitution and the rules thereof and a final decision was taken.  The person knowing a social problems of the samaj and the lover of Lewa Samaj and ex election commissioner of Maharastra state Mr. honorable Shri. D. N. Chaudhar was elected unanimously as the first president of the Lewa Patil Samaj, Dr. Ram Kharche President of Bhratru Mandal, Pune was elected as the Secretary and Dr. P. L. Dhake, Sangavi, Pune was elelcted as the Treasurer.  The Mahasangh was registered under "Loknyas Act.' F17678 dated 24/07/2001 and the Mahasangh was given registration number 257 dated 02/03/2000.  The main aims of Maharastra Lewa Patidar Mahasangh was established and its office was started in Pune to look after the working of the sangh, Shri. S. N. Ingle.  Treasurer Bhratru Mandal, Pune was appointed as Ho. Manager of the Mahasangh.  It was decided that the main office of the Mahasangh should be at Jalgaon, and it has been comple uptil now.

      The main Objectives of Maharastra Lewa Patidar Mahangh are as under :-

v      To make efforts for the love, co-operation and affection in the village, in the samaj and in the members of the Samaj.

v      To achieve the development of the Samaj through the educational, cultural and financial progress.

v      To eradicate the evil things like drinking, somking, accepting and taking dowry, gambling and superstition.

v      To help the poor and aspirant students in the field of education.

v      To make available financial help for medicine and for essential things to poor families.

v      To encourage the love for the nation in the society and to participate in national development programme.

v      To spread the literacy and knowledge by establishing libraries in villages.

v      To establish link at Taluka, District and State level with such type of organizations aiming at above objectives in order to achieve success, where there is Lewa Patil Society.  Lewa Samaj   Mandals Should be established and make them memberes of Mahasangh aiming at the unity of the society. Such efforts are being made. It is necessary to establish Mahila Mandals at village level for emancipation of the women and it is necessary to make them members of the Mahasangh with the intention that women should be got involved in social activities and their emancipation be achieved.


The membership of the Mahasangh and Subscription of the member:-

s 'A' Class Members :- Any registered Lewa Samaj Mandal, established in the city area mandal the subscription for permanent member is Re. 5001/- and for the rural Lewa Pantil mandal Re. 1001/- and for the rural Lewa Patil Mahila Mandal Re. 251/- efforts have been made to at different places to make the members of mahasangh.

s 'B' Class Members:-  Patron member Re. 25000/-  of the society members male or female members giving more donation.

s 'C' Class Members:- Well- wisher member Re. 15000/-  or the society male or female members giving more donation.

s 'D' Class Members: - Individual member Re. 1001/- only or the society male or female members giving more donation.

           The efforts have been continuously being made to urge the male and female members of the society to become B, C, D class members.

          There is no end to the social service.  Hereafter efforts are going to be made in different fields and it is hoped that we can undertake social programmes with the help of all the members of society.

          After the establishment of Maharastra Lewa Patidar Mahasangh different sessions at different places were held and they are as under

*        The first meeting of the Mahasangh was held on Sunday 26/03/2000 in the office of Bhratru Mandal, Pune, Waraje.  Under the Presidentship at Dr. D. N. Chaudhari President of the Mahasangh.  In this meeting discussions were held on the following points.

          Dr. Ram Kharche, the secretary of Mahasangh preposed that a bank account of the Mahasangh be established and be operated and it was thought over as to whom the authority should be given.  The future line of action was also decided.  It cannot be said that a lot of work of the Mahasangh was done in the time of beginning  but efforts have been made until now to hold rallies of the society members at Jalgaon, Nasik, Dhule, Malkapur, Bhusawal, Ghatkoper and Thane.  An attempte has been made to establish Lewa Mandal and Mahila mandals at village level ad encourage the members of Lewa Samaj to become members of Mahasangh.

          The duration of the working committee of the Mahasangh ended in March 2005 but prior to the elections were held according to rules of the election prepared by Manohar Chaudhari, Dr. Suhas Mahajan was an election officer on Stuarday 11 June 2005 for Maharastra Lewa Patidar Mahasangh working committee 2005-2010.  An election was held for all category members.

          At present the working of Mahasangh is being operated frim Jalgaon Hn Shri. Purushottam alias Annasaheb Nina Patil is the President and Hon. Shri. Anil Shridhar Borole is the Secretary and Hon- Shri. Shudhakar Ramchandra Rane is the working treasurer of the Mahasangh and further working of the Mahasangh is going on smoothly.  

-Maharastra Lewa Patidar Mahasagh, Jalgaon


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